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30-04 Fallen Brethren 3-Gun
30-04 Fallen Brethren 3-Gun

Shooting USA - Fallen Brethren Three Gun Match
Its multi-gun action from Texas, at the Fallen Brethren Three Gun competition as Remington Defense and Spartan Tactical come together to put on a one of a kind match.

Plus, the M1 Carbine, the smaller solution that’s now one of History’s Guns. And the sporting clays charity event that benefits spinal research by putting wheelchair shooters on the firing line with able bodied shooters.

The FB3G at one time stood for the Fort Benning Three Gun which was the only multi-gun competition for civilians on an active military installation. Originally hosted by the USAMU’s action shooting team, now the Fallen Brethren Three Gun Challenge has a new home at Jim Smith’s Spartan Tactical in Texas.

Shoot for the Future

More and more people with physical disabilities are showing up at shooting ranges. As the shooting sports take a leading role in providing recreation and camaraderie to shooters in wheelchairs, one of the first events to offer equal opportunity on the firing line is also a fundraiser for spinal research named Shoot for the Future.

“It is our mission to have folks that are in chairs and those folks that are not in chairs enjoy their time together” say organizer George Wade. With the help from George and others in the medical field, they created Shoot for the Future as a fundraiser to make life better for those with spinal cord injuries.

Well-known wheelchair shooter Trevor Baucom found the fundraiser enjoyable. “I like this event. Actually, I haven’t seen this many wheelchairs in one place, really ever, anywhere. So, it’s nice.” And Trevor’s adding to his own story in his first shotgun event. Just a week before the fundraiser, Trevor received a new custom Model 37 shotgun frrom Ithaca Gun Company.

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